Girl  Evangelists
Beatrice Wells

Beatrice Wells started to preach at age nine in 1935. As with many girls who started preaching so young, her father was a minister. By age twelve, after holding crusades along the east coast, Beatrice held a series of crusades in Canada.

It is difficult to assess the skills of these little girls, but comments by observers at the time help. One Canadian pastor, who had heard many girl evangelists, counted Beatrice the best. Another pastor, who attributed his conversion to Beatrice, recalls that at age nine Beatrice “preached a message on hell” that he would never forget. Beatrice was not speaking at small, remote churches that could not draw one of the better known adult or male evangelists. She travelled the revivalist circuit that all revivalists travelled. In one case, she conducted a crusade where, a short time earlier, Ira F. Stanphill had conducted a crusade. Stanphill was particularly famous for his song writing and singing within revivalism and Pentecostalism. These girls were real revivalists, and they were able to compete with adult revivalists for the best platforms.

For further reading:

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Beatrice Wells
Age 26 (1942)
Some girl evangelists continued to use the tag “girl evangelist” well into adulthood, as Beatrice does here at age 26. The three-week crusade was a typical length, even when she started out.
Wellsboro Gazette
(19 March 1942), 3]

Married Name: Kohl (1947)